The Colourwheel of Time Management

Time management is key to a successful life.  Given that time moves regardless of how it is being used, one has to make a concerted effort to grab the brush of life, and paint vivaciously with the tick of the clock to ensure that the picture of productivity and success is created.

In this book, you will immerse yourself in the art of time management, learn to navigate the shades of procrastination and take charge of how you frame your portrait and show up in the world.

Self-assessment is built into this process. You will come to identify and understand patterns in your use of time. You will learn how to exchange the habits of timewasting for habits of productivity.

By the end of this book, you would have painted a colour-wheel of time management which represents your new path to productivity and success.  You will become the artist of your life, branding your work with your signature of efficiency.

Shawn presents to you this colourful way of increasing productivity that is useful for teams and individuals alike. She continues her journey to inspire creativity through art and to get persons and institutions on the path of empowerment.