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Born on the rough streets of Kingston Jamaica, in the inner city of Grants Pen, Shawn Ashman transcended her modest beginnings to emerge as a successful international artist. She is no stranger to overcoming obstacles as even though she grew up without running water, electricity and used the street lights to study, she matriculated through all levels of education up to the master’s level.

Her journey through art has been a mixture of pain, passion, pleasure and persistence. From her time spent painting with a street artist to her time at art school, she recalls that art was the much needed therapeutic escape during a difficult and depressing time in her life.

She credits her persistence and strong belief in God for everything that she has accomplished. In ‘Life on Canvas’, Shawn Ashman shares her strategies for success. She spreads the message that we are all a work of art and have the power to paint over past experiences with bright and glowing colours. She shares how she does this thorough her life experiences, both good and bad, and demonstrates how she is painting her life beautifully.

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