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Motivational Speaker

Stories of inspiration will pour into your soul, as Shawn takes you through aspects of her life journey in almost any area of her life, both personally and professionally.  She has had rich experiences both good and bad, that have been woven into tapestries of positive self talk,  iron-girl perseverance and

persistence. She is not just telling you a story, but in fact sharing her experiences of moving from despondency into self assurance, from poverty stricken to prosperity and from complacency to self discipline.

Shawn’s audience are usually moved by their emotions when they reflect on the picture of their lives and see how they too have overcome.  They are then inspired to reach further, to dream big and colour their world with possibilities.  They are called to

action with bursts of motivation and drive, to change the hues and shades of their canvas and to paint the picturesque outcome that is in their hearts.

Charged, to live their best lives, to live their dream and to be authentic, the audience will reach higher, leave with hope and coloured with expectancy for their lives and businesses!

It a wonderful journey to take.


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SHAWN ASHMAN making History!