Transformational Coaching

One and One know how sessions are key to helping you move ahead faster.  If your are finding it hard to focus, find yourself a little stressed with limited productivity then you need to take some time for you. Find a new way and embrace a new approach to life. Try one-on-one coaching session are for teens and adults.  

Get clear on your career, your life, your purpose and live in colour.

Building a Part-time Business

How to start a micro business and made additional income.

upcycle your life

How to find your passion and live life on purpose.

Self Publish a Book in 30 days

Step by Step guide on how to publish that book that you are longing to share.

Sessions are For
Teens and Adults

Building a Part-time Business

These  1 on 1 sessions help you clarify and concretize a plan to start a part-time business.  We start with an idea and end with an action plan.

Upcycling Your Life

We start by examining your life on canvas.  We look at your vision and goals and identify what is holding you back from reaching your potential.  We work through practical and life changing techniques that can help you stay focused and consistent.

Self Publish a Book

You will be guided through all the resources and tools needed to self publish (an already written book) in 30 days.  You can do it on your own, you just need a coach.